Hondo, Texas

Literally meaning “Dove Party,” Paloma Pachanga’s hunting fields were chosen for their location—the historic flyway for millions of migrating doves! Hunters can pick their shots, or limit out minutes after their professional host guides them afield. Either way, celebration shall ensue after the guns are cased.


Hondo, Texas

Venatura’s flagship wingshooting destination, Two Creeks Lodge, is a haven of sporting luxury surrounded by acres of outstanding bird hunting. After a memorable five-course dinner prepared by our chef and a great night’s rest in our exquisite dogtrot style lodges, sportsmen will ride to the field via custom Critter Gitter vehicles that must be seen to be believed. Upland hunts consist of flushing hard-flying quail, chukar and pheasants over professionally trained pointing dogs. As game vests sag, clients can retire for cigars and cocktails–or the five stand range–to continue this high-end brand of Venatura fun.


La Pryor, Texas

Thanks to the topographical variation and floral diversity sustained by the clear Nueces River that cuts through wending gorges, Venatura’s La Fortaleza is unlike typical South Texas mesquite ranches. The 13,000-acre property produces giant whitetails aplenty, but it’s also home to axis deer, wild bobwhites and several other species of exotic game. Be our guest while enjoying modern lodging, a Spanish-style fort and a scenic well-water pool after you hunt big game via tower blinds, custom hunting vehicles or spot-and-stalk tactics amid this legendary land on the Nueces.


South Padre Island, Texas

There are boats, and then there is Ventatura’s pride of the floatilla, the sleek and stately Quantified sportfishing yacht. Spanning 64 pristine feet from bow to stern, she’s a head-turner even in the slip, but she’s much more at home bedecked with bent rods and billfish. Piloted by the legendary Captain Justin Drummond, clients will experience five-star amenities at sea–and more importantly–world-class fishing, when they charter the Quantified for the oceanic adventure of a lifetime.


Sonora, Mexico

Simply stated, there is no more exclusive, free-range hunting experience for two of the world’s most coveted trophies than that which El Volteadero offers. Ensconced deep in the Sonoran Mountains after a short commute from Hermosillo, Mex, El Volteadero lodge provides the safe basecamp for chasing one of the world’s most prized game animals: giant desert bighorn sheep. The same mountain folds also hide truly world-class (220-inch-plus) mule deer. Between hunts, discriminating sportsman will enjoy Spanish-style service and cuisine second to none. In sum, El Volteadero is the “El Mejor” of hunting destinations worldwide.

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