It’s the anticipation of a bird dog locking up on point, and then the thrill of birds being flushed into flight. It’s colorful sunsets shared with friends as wingbeats race overhead.  It’s teaching sons and daughters the connection with the natural world as they take their first whitetail. They’ll never forget, and neither will you. Whether it’s dove hunting, upland birds or big game, Venatura offers genuine hunting experiences for seasoned hunters and beginners alike.

Dove Hunting
Venatura Excursions Pivot with Doves at Paloma Pachanga in Hondo, TX

It’s uncanny how a little migratory bird can inspire an entire culture of Americans to grab their shotguns, a buddy or two and head afield in search of sport, camaraderie and fantastic fare. But this isn’t just one little bird. At Ventatura’s exclusive properties, including Paloma Pachanga and Two Creeks Ranch, a few hours afield means thousands of doves for a wingshooting spectacle unmatched without a passport. There’s no better social outing amid a 100-percent authentic, South Texas dove hunt.  

Dove Hunting Options: 

Pavilion Hunts:   Pavilion Hunts are for groups of thirty or more and consist of one afternoon hunt with private access to the beautiful Grand Pavilion.  Pavilion hunts are great for corporate hunting groups and fundraising events.  After your hunt, drop your birds off with our bird cleaners while you enjoy an evening of dinner and drinks.  

Lodge Hunts:   These packages include a private three day, two night stay where you will experience two afternoon hunts and a morning skeet shoot at Creekside, our five stand skeet shooting pavilion.  Also included in this package is a private chef, with all meals and beverages included, a dedicated guide for all hunts, complimentary bird cleaning and a Critter Gitter to get you around the ranch.   Lodge Hunts at Hacienda and Casitas also include access to the outdoor bar area, swimming pool and outdoor fireplace.


Venatura Excursions Dove Hunting at Paloma Pachanga in Hondo, TX


Upland Hunting

 Few activities in the modern world conjure more nostalgia than walking through the tall grass on a crisp November day, shotgun on shoulder, bantering lightly, when suddenly the dogs lock up on point as if frozen in time. You shift the double-barrel to high ready and ease ahead of the dogs, probing the cover for your quarry. And it surprises you every time. Birds spring from the grass like a dozen whirlwinds as they take wing. Instinctively, you pick one out and your shotgun comes up unconsciously. Like magic, a bobwhite falls to the earth, and before you fully regain your wits, the still-warm gamebird is delivered to your hand. It’s upland hunting with Venatura.

Upland Hunt Package:

All-inclusive Upland Lodge Hunt 3 night – includes a 4-day 3-night stay at one of our world class lodges with all food and beverages included and prepared by your personal chef. A private guide will get hunters out into the field for four upland hunts and a skeet shoot (4 hunts)

All-inclusive Upland Lodge Hunt 2 night – includes a 3-day 2-night stay at one of our world class lodges with all food and beverages included and prepared by your personal chef. A private guide will get hunters out into the field for an afternoon skeet shoot followed by a full day of upland hunting (2 hunts)

Day Hunts:

Full Day Hunt – your guide will get you in the field for a morning hunt and an afternoon hunt. 

Half Day Hunt – 1 hunt morning or afternoon. 

Unguided Half Day Hunt – Venatura Excursions will set birds in the field for you to come run your own dogs or you can place them yourself. 

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